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Spokes fall off Speakers Spokesman's Speech

Commons aide quits after admitting he lied about Speaker's wife's expenses | the Mail on Sunday

Commons Speaker Michael Martin faced a new crisis last night after his office was caught out lying to The Mail on Sunday over his wife's expenses.

Pressure on Mr Martin to step down grew following the sudden resignation yesterday of his £2,000-a-day official spokesman, respected former Whitehall mandarin Mike Granatt.

A speaker needs to pay a spokesman £2000 a day? Hang'em All; Let God Sort'em Out


£2000 a day? That works out at £730,000 a year! I know Whitehall and Westminster salaries are excessive, but even so, might not a journalist have gotten his decimal point one place too far to the east? Innumerate hacks are not unheard of, after all.

That being said, even £73,000 a year is a bit excessive for a sock puppet.

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