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Eurovision Turkey

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Fowl Eurovision entry for Ireland

Eurovision Song Contest feathers may be ruffled by Ireland's decision to be represented in May's cross-continental competition by a puppet bird.

Sheer Genius!

(Though a little bright and loud for me this morning..)


I can't wait to hear Wogan's views when he gets back from his hols.

You never know, this could be a deliberate ploy. I heard from an Irish chum of mine that the Irish authorities actually don't regard winning the bloody contest as a success.

To win means they have to go to the expense and hassle of arranging and hosting the next event.

Perhaps they think tweatie bird is a way to avoid this.

What RM says - that's how Father Ted and Dougal ended up representing RoI with 'My lovely pony' ten years ago (in the TV series, not real life, obviously). It's just a shame the puppet isn't singin "Like Sandie Shaw on a strong"

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