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Is it coz I'm working class?

Speaker's allies dismiss allegations of sleaze as 'smears and innuendo' - Scotsman.com News

ALLIES of Michael Martin leapt to his defence yesterday, branding continued scrutiny of the Commons Speaker's expenses and allowances a result of "smear and innuendo".
Supporters claimed Mr Martin, who is in charge of reform of MPs' controversial expenses system, was being subjected to a "witch-hunt".

George Foulkes, the MSP and peer, claimed it was part of a campaign started a number of years ago by "people who went to private schools and Oxbridge who didn't like someone from a working-class background in Glasgow getting into the highest office in the land".

Highest office in the land? I'm sure Foulkes will dismiss me as a southern toff in my dislike of Martin, but he is waving a threadbare rag of snobbery as a defence. The traditional British establishment recognised talent where ever it came from without a worry about snobbery. Talent, hard work and honesty were recognised, as were the phony. Let me give you Field Marshal Sir Colin Campbell, 1st Baron Clyde, GCB, KSI (October 20, 1792–August 24, 1863)...he received the thanks of both Houses of Parliament and a pension of £2000 a year.

Despite lacking the dash which won the United Kingdom so many victories in India, Lord Clyde was regarded as a brave soldier and a careful and prudent leader. The soldiers whom he led were devotedly attached to him; and he commanded unvarying respect.

He was buried in Westminster Abbey. A statue was erected to him in his native town,...

His home town?

Glasgow. He was born to a simple carpenter at Glasgow, Scotland, he was educated at the High School of Glasgow and enlisted at the age of fifteen.


My background is classic working class...so may I say...Martin is still a twat!

In the end, ability, dedication and honour win out, as Field Marshal Colin Campbell proved. The blagger Mickey Martin seems lacking in such traits.

Great blog, by the way...

ps Wouldn't it be nice if Parliament went back to voting pensions for the deserving rather than themselves?

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