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Good Conduct

Soldiers to be armed at all times with guide to moral behaviour - Times Online

Soldiers are also to be given morality instruction by Army chaplains who are being trained to provide guidance in ethics and morals. Soldiers who shine in the morality stakes will be awarded with good-conduct chevrons: upside down stripes worn on the left sleeve of their dress uniform. The practice of presenting chevrons to the best-behaved soldiers has passed out of use in recent years.

A simple guide for the goody goodies is here

My prediction is that in these modern caring times we will see a Carbon Footprint, or similar, badge being awarded soon, how much more reassuring rather than horrible "Wound Stripes" and the like.


Call me old fashioned, but I'd prefer it if they spent the money on providing weapons and armour for the troops instead.

Jeezus Henry Christ. We can't provide the boys in Afghanistan with enough .50 cals but we have time and money for this happy clappy shit? The purpose of the British Army is to kill people and break things. They are not the paramilitary wing of OXFAM. When a sniper peers down the sights of his L115A1 (or, any time now, A3) and blows the breastbone out of an unsuspecting Talib with a .338 Lapua FMJ, is that moral? Who gives a toss?

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