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DEFRA funds activists to lobby for Climate Change law

Home - Tomorrow's England

What does England mean to you?

Is it village greens, country gardens, song thrushes, the oak tree, carpets of bluebells, ancient woodland, primroses and hedgehogs – or our bustling towns and cities?

Is it apple orchards, local spuds, rhubarb crumble, roast beef and fish ’n’ chips? Or golf courses, your allotment, fishing, the Six Nations and the Ashes?

Or is it simply home?

Whatever it means to you, scientists agree that the England we know and love is under threat due to climate change caused by rising carbon emissions.

Buckled rail lines, parched golf courses, disappearing wildlife and freak weather – all could happen because of climate change. Everything from sport to gardening, house prices to hedgehogs and farming to fishing might be affected. But it’s not all doom and gloom. A low carbon future might actually be a better place to be. We could be living healthier, more prosperous lives in stronger and cleaner communities. And there are things you can do.

I'm almost in tears with the nostalgia, the threats and the promise of better times, and look at how worthy it is:

Tomorrow's England is generously supported by

Tomorrow's England's supporters' logos More Tomorrow's England's supporters' logos

So what to do?

We can all be climate heroes.

..this toolkit, with its simple 3-step approach, is
designed to help you communicate climate change
in ways that engage your community in the issues –
and inspire them to take action...The overwhelming weight of evidence now
points to a rapid acceleration in human-induced
changes in the climate, with rapidly worsening
consequences for people and wildlife...

The UK has the opportunity to show real
leadership in combating global climate change by
delivering a strong Climate Change Bill in 2008,
setting reductions in UK carbon emissions by 2050.
You could take this opportunity to lobby your MP and
ask them what they are doing to tackle climate
change and ask them to support the Bill....

Tomorrow’s England is funded by Defra www.defra.gov.uk

Oh - so it isn't a bunch of charities that have got together to ask us to lobby our politicians it is DEFRA funding a bunch of activists with taxpayers' money to push for new laws. Something The Telegraph fails to tell us as it lauds this new report.


"May", "might", "could": the usual scaremongering blah.

Funny, I don't see the Smith&Wesson or Armalite logo up there...they could replace those wimpy ones easily.

There is a standard procedure for this sort of crap.

1. Find homepage of 'charity' concerned.

2. Make note of Charity Reg. Number.

3. Go to Charities Commission homepage and search for charity number.

4. Scroll down to the 'accounts documents'.

5. Trawl through P&L, Cashflow statement, notes and other financial blurb to track down how much of their income comes from the State. It's often very well hidden! Add on tax breaks on Gift Aid payments.

6. Three times out of four, the 'charity' is not a charity at all but a quango.

7. Or it's an industry lobbying group (e.g. National Schools Partnership, National Obesity Forum etc).

8. Decide to cheerfully completely ignore anything that their spokesmen have to say.

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