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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Secret report reveals massive MEP fraud - Times Online
A report on the misuse of expenses by MEPs is likely to be kept secret by the European Parliament despite growing calls for it to be made public.

The internal audit exposes money-making scams without naming individuals and shows “embezzlement and fraud on a massive scale”, according to the MEP who revealed its existence.

But parliament insiders said that today’s meeting of the budget control committee would not result in publication because senior figures were afraid of setting a precedent on publishing confidential auditors’ documents.

Chris Davies, the Liberal Democrat who revealed the existence of the internal audit, said: “I don’t think it will be made public because the poachers are in charge of the game park. MEPs might introduce reforms after the next elections when half of them have changed because it is just too embarrassing for them now.”

The report can be viewed by the budget control committee only on condition that it goes into a sealed room, does not take notes and does not reveal its contents.

Neither of the two biggest groups in the European Parliament — the Socialist group that includes Labour MEPs and the EPP that includes the Conservatives — would declare an official position on publication last night. The Lib Dems and the UK Independence Party will both call today for it to be released.

But Chris Heaton-Harris, a Conservative MEP on the committee, said: “It would be much easier if this discussion was had on the basis of the facts rather than on hearsay. They are worried about parliament’s reputation being damaged but it has already been damaged.”

So Mr Cameron, you claim to be all for honesty and transparency, why aren't your lot clamouring for it to be published, or have they got their snouts too deep in the trough?


When we have to start-up a new Government after the upcoming General Collapse, I'd make certain that Funds transparency was an such essential component as, "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that some Sonsabitches and Bastards are F*ing Cheats" - and go from there to the Right To Arms...

CustodIes, I believe. It's Juvenal.

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