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Hideously white

BBC in push to hire ethnic minorities - Telegraph

The BBC has launched its biggest ever drive to recruit from ethnic minority groups, as it attempts to counter criticism of a lack of diversity.

Just 4.4 per cent of BBC managers are from ethnic minorities, far below its target of seven per cent, set by Greg Dyke, the former director general who described the corporation as "hideously white".

So are is the BBC a bunch of racist bastards?

The UK population has 7 per cent (4.6 million) belonging to non-white ethnic minority groups. (2001-figures)

But we are only talking of managers here, people what have worked for the corporation for some time, we hope.

Due to a high net birth rate and the demographics of international migrants, the UK's ethnic minority population is younger on average than the White population. In 2004, the median age for White people was 40 years, compared to 27 years for ethnic minorities.

So "Suits" who are more likely to be 40 than 27, will quite fairly be whiter than the average.

And then revealingly there are the wishes of the minorities themselves:

36.1% of Chinese students interviewed were studying for business-related degrees, compared with 30.8% of Asian and Asian British students and 14.9% of white students.

White students were far more likely to be undertaking humanities or liberal arts degrees (48.4% of them were doing so) compared with Chinese (23.6%), Asian and Asian British (25.5%) and black British students (38%).

The survey also found that 32% of graduates with a Chinese background rated investment banking as the ideal industry to enter, compared with just 8% of white students.

Chinese graduates tended to favour employers in the financial sector, ranking HSBC as their top choice, followed by the US investment banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

White graduates tended to favour public sector work, ranking the BBC as the most desirable employer ....


Being married into a Chinese family gives me ample evidence to back these figures up..they just don't mess around with media studies degrees etc..they work hard and follow the money..foods good too.

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