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Where the bloody hell are you? Hiding behind the sofa!

Python eats family dog in front of children - Telegraph

An Australian family whose pet guinea pig, cat and dog were eaten by giant pythons menacing their tropical home fears their children could be next on the predators' menu.

The Peric family watched in horror this week as their much-loved Chihuahua was swallowed by a 16.5 ft long scrub python on the verandah of their home in Kuranda, Queensland....

Mr Douglas, a snake handler at the Australian Venom Zoo in Kuranda, near Cairns, took the python away. He believed it had stalked the Chihuahua over a period of several days.

It would then be released into a national park; there was no question of killing it.

"These pythons used to feed on wallabies but now they feed on cats and dogs in suburbia," said Mr Douglas.

He said Mr Peric's fears for his children were well founded. "A snake of that size is quite capable of killing a small child."

And they banned guns in the country? And they think that is a good thing? I have only been to Australia for one hour in my life, with things like that crawling around I wouldn't set foot outside the airport unless I had at least two heavy lumps of iron hanging off my belt.


I like the "there was no question of killing it." Some of the enviroweenies I've known would have a fit if it attacked one of the kids and you harmed it.

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