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RUH Bath "Get me out of here, it stinks of piss".

VOICE OF THE DAILY Mirror: The louse of Lords - Mirror.co.uk

Bigmouth Tory Lord Mancroft is living proof that there are still some unspeakable fools hanging around the House of Lords pretending to be politicians.

The sheer nastiness of his highly personal attack on nurses was shocking, heaping smear upon smear.

Of course specific criticisms are acceptable, and no one can ever pretend that every single nurse in the country is an angel.

But his sustained assault cannot go unanswered and bosses of Bath's Royal United Hospital must institute a full inquiry.

And if Lord Mancroft cannot further justify his outrageous remarks, he must apologise and Tory leader David Cameron should strip him of the whip.

Everyone I have spoken to down here who has been to the Royal United , not pontificating journalists from London, but actual patients has applauded Lord Mancroft for the accuracy of his remarks regarding the Royal United Hospital in Bath. Everytime I have been there I have been appalled by it. I have seen cleaners walk round dropped food rather than sweep it up, dirty swabs lying for days in lifts, bin emptying porters clump through rooms with the most vulnerable premature babies in, without even taking the most basic precautions, as they drag clinical waste around the hospital. As my poor dying father said; "Get me out of here, it stinks of piss".

And just as Lord Mancroft made clear that other NHS hospitals provide excellent care, let me make clear that, for instance, Frenchay Hospital nearby, in the most basic of buildings, shows that an NHS hospital can be clean and welcoming.

Time for the Mirror to drop the tired old class bashing and "all nurses are angels" clichés and do some real journalism and investigate a long standing disgrace.


THe RUH is appalling. I live a few hundred yards from it and many of the buy-to-let houses around here are rented by nurses and the state of their homes and gardens have reduced the neighbourhood to a biohazard. What I can't understand is why so many of the nurses walk to work at the hospital wearing their uniforms. No wonder they have such poor MRSA figures. Most of the real nurses sit behind the nursing station surfing the net and stuffing their faces with chocolates donated by grateful patients who use these sweatmeats as a way of mitigating their abuse. The work on the wards seem to be carried out by semi-educated troglodytes. Nurses are all graduates now so making a bed or emptying a bed pan is way beneath them. As hospitals go, the RUH really is the pits. I think some of the problem lies in the fact that the ancillary staff have often been recruited through family connections. The same bad apples have been staffing the hospital for generations.

i have also lost my partner to both cdiff and mrsa at the ruh bath last may and am having great diffuckalty in making anyone see the truth behind the hospitals incompitance to comply with liability if anyone out there can help me i would be extremely gratefull or if anyone would like my side of the story i would be than happy to give it my partner who was going to be my husband was short lived by the lack of care etc by the bath ruh but avoid fault was liable upto the end and after his death [contact alex on 07756337137]

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