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An Englishman's Home is the council's to control

Gordon Brown to curb second home ownership - Times Online

THE government is preparing to impose drastic curbs on second home ownership that would stop people buying in sought-after rural areas.

An inquiry commissioned by Gordon Brown will recommend local authorities have the power to prevent outsiders buying property they do not intend to make their main residence. Those seeking to buy country boltholes that deprive local residents of houses would be forced to apply to the council.

They would have to win planning permission to change the house from fully occupied to a second home and could be refused by the council. The inquiry is also considering banning outsiders from buying newly built homes in such areas....

There are concerns it could lead to “snooping” by council officials investigating how homes are used.....

Already Councils insist on imposing their ideas of "social integration" (25% socially rented and 10% shared ownership in any development) on new houses, give them more powers and they will soon be imposing "positive discrimination" on who is allowed to buy a house.
Has any fuckwit in power got any concept of private property, or is everything in our lives just to be enjoyed at the whim of a clipboard wielding official?


Private property? That's so 1950s, dear boy. Did you not read Marx? Of course they don't understand about private property.

another rerason why I'm moving my business abroad and as we know I'm not alone in doing this.Why should the nulabour idiots decide who I build for and who I sell too?

"Why should the nulabour idiots decide who I build for and who I sell too?"

Because it's their country, stupid! All your private property belong to us! Innit?

so it seems..time to do a bunk with whats still mine!

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