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We want a referendum

MPs face EU referendum pressure after poll - Telegraph

MPs were under huge pressure to support a referendum on the new EU treaty after the biggest test of public opinion on the issue so far showed almost 90 per cent of voters want a ballot.

The mini-referendums, organised by the cross-party I Want a Referendum campaign group, were conducted in 10 marginal seats held by Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs.

These included those of Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, Ruth Kelly, the Transport Secretary, Jim Murphy, the minister for Europe, and Chris Huhne, the Lib Dem home affairs spokesman.

In total, 88 per cent of respondents backed a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty, which was signed in December in Portugal and became known as the Lisbon Treaty. Voters were also asked if the UK should approve the treaty. An overwhelming majority - 89 per cent - said no.

The turnout of 36.2 per cent was higher than in most local elections.

I have nothing to add except I hope the two protesters who have scaled a crane in Parliament Square are up there to check its suitability for attaching hempen ropes for the traitorous bastards who are giving our country away without our agreement.


Not so fast!

87% of respondents were in favour of a referendum?

So it was a self-selected sample?

And the total vote? 150,000 or so.

And how many people turned up to the rally? Why, around 3,000. Even Ayr United get better crowds than that.

Somehow I don't think the One-Eyed Bandit is quaking in his shoes.

It sad, but it really does seem that the people as a whole simply don't care.

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