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Health Warnings to be stamped on toast?

Cheese could carry a health alert - Scotsman.com News

DAIRY foods could soon have to carry cigarette-style health warnings in a bid to slash Britain's soaring levels of obesity and heart disease, according to a report yesterday.

According to the trade magazine the Grocer, the government's Food Standards Agency is considering using shock tactics to persuade Britons to cut down on their consumption of saturated fats. The crackdown could target a wide range of regular snack staples such as cheese sandwiches and hot buttered toast,...

Hot buttered toast? They are going too far now! Mrs Englishman tries to do the best for my heart carefully draining off the fat from my morning rashers of bacon, what she doesn't realise is the saved fat is ideal for making fried bread when she is out of the house....


If they start on my toast I will not be responsible for the consequences.

Now, I am given to understand from my Canadian smoker friends that there is a merrie trade in the most gruesome health warnings on cigarette packages, which, in Canada include not only text but photos of diseased lungs and mouths. Smokers will choose their favourites, often the most horrible pics of cancerous gums, teeth, lips and lungs, and amuse themselves by collecting series of their favourites.

I imagine that the legendary British taste for both cheese and quiet irony would produce a similar result. A quiet and understated two-fingers-up to the nannies in charge of evey detail of our lives.

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