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Trebruchets and Cannons, now we are talking security measures.

I have a 30ft catapult filled with chicken droppings – and I’m not afraid to use it - Times Online

The headquarters of Joe Weston-Webb’s portable flooring empire is protected by security fencing, motion-sensor lights and CCTV cameras.

None of these conventional measures has deterred arsonists, however, and in desperation, Mr Weston-Webb has now fortified his defences with less orthodox technology left over from his time as a travelling showman.

A 30ft Roman catapult, loaded with chicken droppings from a nearby farm is primed each evening. And a cannon, which Mr Weston-Webb once used to shoot his wife across the River Avon, will fire a railway sleeper if triggered by an intruder....

Nottinghamshire Police said yesterday that they would send an officer to offer advice on “conventional security techniques” and on the use of “reasonable force”. Mr Weston-Webb promises to be reasonable. “We are putting a rubber block on the end of the railway sleeper,” he said. “It should just knock an intruder down.”


BBC flooring contracts are that lucrative? I guess we Americans are more civilized. We have given the Mafia the ability to break legs and heads over garbage, the unions can steal from their members (the few left) pensions to build Las Vegas hotels, and most other businesses just fight with lawyers instead of arson.

I do love the rubber chicken thing though. Most excellent.

Would the ability to actually arm yourself to defend against people trying to burn down your property be a deterrent?

A bit of rubber on the end of a flying railroad tie should surly soften the blow - hahahaha!

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