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Hurray for parents who cheat


That is what parents are meant to do, fight for their kids even against the all benevolent and knowing state. Doesn't the headline reveal in all its nastiness how parents are viewed when it comes to responsibility for their kids education, to be sneered at as "pushy" or "cheats", when they try to gain a little advantage in the state rigged system.

The online headline is slightly different:
Crackdown ordered on parents who try to cheat the state-school system - Times Online


Increasingly the hypocrisy and madness of today reminds mw of the 1970s. The symptons may be different but the disease remains the same.

Ironically, it is only lotteries that can stop parents behaving in this way, even though the newspapers tend to see lotteries as the cause of the problem rather than the possible cure.

Lotteries are not the answer although they are the ad absurdum outcome of flawed social engineering. More kids will suffer. More kids will go private. More parents will have to pay twice. Spreading disncnahtment is not the answer. Imrpoving the schools that people don't want to send their kids to is. And the answer to that is simple. Discipline and better teaching. Better still vouchers.

BTW, during the war I understand some conscriptees were selected for the mines via a lottery but this could be avoided by volunteering for aircrew or submarine service.

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