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Come friendly bombs and fall on Peterborough!

Where RAF uniform is met with abuse - Telegraph

RAF personnel have been banned from wearing their uniforms in public after suffering abuse in the streets.

The order was given to servicemen and women at an air base in Cambridgeshire on the advice of RAF police.

The base commander at RAF Wittering, near Peterborough, took the decision after reviewing incidents of abuse over a seven-month period. Sqd Ldr Tony Walsh, a spokesman at the base, said a number of personnel who lived in the city and its outskirts had suffered abuse when wearing their uniforms off-duty.

The abuse had come from a "cross-section" of the community, he added, and was believed to be linked to the RAF's operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And it is such a nice modern city:

Peterborough is a multi-racial and multi-cultural city. In the 2001 Census, approximately 10.3% of Peterborough’s population classified themselves as belonging to a non-white ethnic minority group, as illustrated in Table 1. This is higher than Peterborough’s figure for the 1991 Census (7.5%) when 11,363 people described themselves as nonwhite compared to 16,060 in 2001. The largest non-white ethnic group in Peterborough is the Pakistani community (4.5% of the total population) but the city is also home to significant numbers of people from other minority ethnic groups such as, India, Ireland, Italy, Poland and the Caribbean.

A truly nuLabour place:

FORMER mayor of Peterborough Mohammed Choudhary (Labour) faced disgrace as he stood in a dock yesterday after being found guilty on four counts of trying to rig an election.

A SECOND Labour party official has been found guilty of trying to rig an election.
Maqbool Hussein (52) had hoped to get himself elected in Peterborough's Central Ward in local elections in June 2004, by abusing the voting system.
Hussein, and Choudhary, along with Tariq Mahmood, were accused of abusing the system whereby voters can choose an "away" address, instead of their usual home address, to cast their vote from, if they happen t o be away from home on business, or on holiday, at the time of an election.

A jury at King's Lynn Crown Court returned guilty verdicts for all 14 forgery charges against Mahmood.

Choudhary and Hussein had each been found guilty of four charges of forgery earlier in the week.

After the verdicts were read out by the jury foreman, Deputy Circuit Judge Alan Hitching told the men: "You all face immediate custodial sentences. The only issue will be how long those sentences are."

I think if John Betjeman was alive today he would substitute Peterborough for Slough...


Though that would wreck the scansion.

"The abuse had come from a "cross-section" of the community..."

No it didn't. It came from scum, whatever they might have looked like on the outside.

hmmm!..do I see a pettern emerging here?

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