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The Bishop, his chaplain and Uganda

Bishop faces boycott over chaplain friendship - Telegraph

A bishop at the centre of a row over the break-up of his marriage is facing a potential boycott by members of his own clergy following rumours about his friendship with his aide.

The Rt Rev Carl Cooper, the Bishop of St Davids, 47, has repeatedly insisted that nobody else is involved in his separation from Joy, his wife of 25 years with whom he has three children.

But many of his clergy and parishioners were angered by his decision to take the Rev Mandy Williams-Potter, his chaplain, 38, who is also the bishop's press officer, and is separating from her husband Christopher, on a mission to Uganda last year.

DISCUSS UGANDA: vb. British. to have sex. A euphemism coined in the 1970s by the British satirical magazine 'Private Eye.' It has become one of the magazine's long-running jokes and is said to stem from a party at which a female journalist was alleged to have explained an upstairs sexual encounter by saying 'We were discussing Uganda.' (Idi Amin’s regime was in the news at the time.) The term 'Uganda Affairs' is also derived from this source." From the "Dictionary of Contemporary Slang" by Tony Thorne (Pantheon Books, New York, 1990).


There should be an inquiry into the bishop's conduct as the Visitor to the University of Sleaze Lampeter, this is just the tip of the iceberg, he has a case to answer for Victorian hypocrisy at its most vile. Moreover, as far as any prejudicial judgments are concerned he is only getting back what he has handed out!

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