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Treasoners to "overhaul" treason laws

Treason laws outdated, says Lord Goldsmith - Telegraph

Britain's ancient laws of treason are out of date and should be overhauled, a senior government adviser will tell the Prime Minister this week.

You don't suppose the bastards who have sold out our country are getting itchy round the neck do you?


The very last paragraph in that article:

"Lord Goldsmith's report may also recommend updating the national anthem. He has said that God Save the Queen was insufficiently inclusive and has suggested removing little-sung verses."

You have got to be kidding me!

Don't worry. If there is one thing we have learnt from labour it is to make things retrospective. I propose that before we make a law forbidding any retrospective legislation we make a final one where this shower are traitors and treason has the penalty of being hung and quartered. It'll help with the pensions liabilities too.


And I was quite looking forward to seeing Teflon Tony's head on a spike on top of Temple Bar.

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