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He blew with His winds, and they were scattered

Storm alert areas are evacuated as Britain prepares for second blast - Times Online

The worst storm of the winter, which was forecast to hit Britain early this morning, is expected to have a second powerful blast today.

The Met Office said that there would be a brief lull in the storm, which produced gusts of up to 80mph during the night, before another wave of high winds and heavy rain hit the country later this morning. The severe weather is expected to continue until early tomorrow.

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for all of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and southern and central Scotland. Residents were told to expect uprooted trees, power cuts and damage to buildings.....

Householders have been urged to ensure that windows are closed.

If it blowing like it is here outside and you haven't got the nous to close the bloody window then Mr Darwin has a message for you.

And as an old fashioned Englishman whose country has been betrayed to the idolatrous worshippers of Europe it brings to mind the Great Protestant Wind of blessed memory which lashed the Spanish Armada in 1588, wrecking the fleet and saving England and returned to enable William of Orange to save us again in 1688. If only it had the power to do so again....


I did read once, that in a hurricane, you are advised to OPEN a window on the lee-ward side of the house. Apparently this reduces the risk of a pressure differential blowing your windows in (or is it out?)
Still nothing quite like Nanny making a decision on your behalf eh?


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