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Off with his head

Madame Tussauds snubs Gordon Brown - Telegraph

The waxworks museum has decided not to commission a model of the Prime Minister because he has not made a sufficient impact on the public.

Ben Lovett, a spokesman for the tourist attraction, said: "We have decided not to create a wax figure of Gordon Brown at this interim stage. He may not be in the job for much longer. We could be making a David Cameron, who knows?
"We are apolitical and always listen to the public in terms of its figure selection process. So we will not make a Prime Minister until after the General Election as this is the best possible indicator of public opinion and popularity."

And there was me thinking it was because they had too many wooden lifeless dummies already. Of course Madame Tussaud made her name by copying heads that had been detached by the guillotine, now there is a n idea....


In any case, they are on an economy drive, and the hunchback of Notre Dame figure is already in use ....

Alan Douglas

Indeed, perhaps we could start a campaign to get his head knocked off every day if they do put up a waxwork of him. The cunt might get the idea then and fuck off...

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