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Civilising the Picts

Fury at BBC's English history of Scotland - Scotsman.com News

"The first provisional script I got was so Anglo-centric I couldn't believe it," Prof Macinnes said. "It was written on the basis as if Scotland was a divided country until the Union (with England] came along and civilised it.

And the problem with that is what?


Tongue in cheek !

The Scots have had a superior education system to England since well before the Union.

I doubt that such a system could have developed in a barbarism. Also, as I'm sure you will agree Tim, history is writen by the victors - hence the extremely skewed view of the Scots.

Having spent quite a few years in Glasgow, home of the Glasgow "kiss", I can attest to the many fine qualities of the Scots, along with some of the wilder ones, which latter, by some amazing coincidence, are remarkable similar to the wilder qualities of their southern bretheren !

So the "what" is : gross distortion and inaccuracy !

ALan Douglas

Oh that's right -- piss the Jocks off.

Was that haggis I smelled somewhere, or just a rancid sporran?

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