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Cheese Making Surrender Monkeys

Cheese traditionalists win 'Camembert war' - Telegraph

Cheese traditionalists have won their battle to make Camembert producers use unpasteurised milk to obtain the prestigious AOC label.

Normandy's cheese and milk producers have voted in favour of making the use of untreated milk obligatory, in keeping with a recipe given to Marie Harel - an inhabitant of the village of Camembert - by a priest fleeing French Revolutionaries in 1791...They said the newer techniques wiped out the flora found in raw milk which they argue gives it its distinctive farmyard flavour..

This puts an end to a year-long "Camembert war" that has raged between defenders of old-fashioned Camembert with its distinctive aroma and two cheese multinationals, who argued that using raw milk, or lait cru, could present a health hazard.

"It's a relief", said Thierry Graindorge, whose family has been making Camembert for three generations.

"We wanted to maintain our cheese making values in making traditional Camembert, whose unique qualities are appreciated by so many.

"Raw milk makes a big difference to the taste and provides a very strong link between the consumer and our local soil."

Excellent news, very little beats a good cheese running off the plate. One of the joys of the King's Arms is the platters of free cheese and biscuits late on Friday night, of course the health Nazi's prevent the cheeses being kept as the landlord would like, insisting they are refrigerated, but they soon warm up as we sup on Wadworth's fine ales... whoops, sorry Kim!


I own a pub in Liverpool...free scouse on saturday...if I put runny cheese out there would be a riot...thats us wacky scousers for you!

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I feel the same about runny cheeses as you do about blackberries, only more so.

And thank you for the Wadworth reference, you foul bastard.

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