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88 or 08,, which is better?

1988 v 2008 - Telegraph

Yesterday the Lord Chancellor, Jack Straw, left the nation agog when he claimed British society was in a better state than 20 years ago. We asked our leading thinkers whether they'd like to return to the days of the prawn cocktail, four TV channels and mum-only nappy-changing. The answer was.....

A big yes from me.


Well Tim, yeesss but my grandfather (WWI veteran) said it was better in 1908, and that sort of niggles.

Sounds reasonable to me as well

I had a better time in 1978 but then again I was still at school and so was less affected by the mess Labour made. The music was better '78 too. I remember watching staying up all night the next year to watch the election results as Maggie won. Sometimes I really wish I could turn back the clock.

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