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Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?


I don't pretend to understand all the ramifications of the Budget, it is a bit like when a whiny teenager comes asking for some more pocket money and starts into a long spiel as how she really, really needs it for something important, and won't waste it, and how the last lot you gave her was really really well spent and anyway she is a lot more responsible than the kids from your previous marriage, and it will save the planet, and all her other friends have got more... there comes a time when you stop listening so you can carry on watching the game and just give her your wallet.

Of course the difference is that this little Darling confiscates the contents of your wallet with the power that comes out the end of a gun, but he craves for you to feel nice about it.


It was amusing watching Darling dodge the catastrophe that awaits the British economy over the next 12 months while putting on a brave face. The country is broke, we are borrowing more and more just to stay afloat (even in the good times) and now we are faced with an economic meltdown of epic proportions.

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