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Tony jumps on the green bandwagon

After world peace, Tony Blair’s next mission is to save the planet - Times Online

Tony Blair is to lead an international campaign to cut carbon emissions by 50 per cent by 2050.

The latest addition to the former Prime Minister’s portfolio of interests has the backing of the White House, the UN and Europe, and Mr Blair is shortly to discuss the plans with the Chinese and Indian Governments.

Just last month it was announced that Mr Blair is to be a part-time adviser to JP Morgan Chase. There is also his work, ten days a month, as envoy for the Quartet of the EU, US, Russia and the UN in the Middle East — and an interfaith foundation to be set up later this year.

Now it has emerged that Mr Blair, whose venture has the support of Gordon Brown, has been working on the climate change project with a group of experts since he left office last summer.

You can almost hear Cherie screeching; "Oi Tony, d'yer see that Al Gore left office in 2000 with a net worth of about $2 million. Today his net worth is about $100 million and he recently invested $35 million in a “green” hedge fund. Why don't yer get us some of that, the business leaders have rumbled your speeches and the they are only paying you peanuts to sort out the Jews..."


You can take the scally bitch out of Liverpool etc etc.


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