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Really Scary

A reader writes:

I have been following Miskolczi at

and a really scary book popped out http://www.greenwood.com/catalog/C34504.aspx entitled "The Climate Change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy".

When we say that post Carson enviromentalists are resposible for more death than Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot put together, this book shows in detail where the movement is going. I would especially draw your attention to the number of acedemics that recommend the book.

Be Afraid ---be very afraid.

I remember other bloggers mentioning it, but it is worth reading about it again.

"...the authors conclude that an authoritarian form of government is necessary, but this will be governance by experts and not by those who seek power. There are in existence highly successful authoritarian structures--for example, in medicine and in corporate empires--that are capable of implementing urgent decisions impossible under liberal democracy. Society is verging on a philosophical choice between "liberty" or "life." But there is a third way between democracy and authoritarianism that the authors leave for the final chapter. Having brought the reader to the realization that in order to halt or even slow the disastrous process of climate change we must choose between liberal democracy and a form of authoritarian government by experts, the authors offer up a radical reform of democracy that would entail the painful choice of curtailing our worldwide reliance on growth economies, along with various legal and fiscal reforms. Unpalatable as this choice may be, they argue for the adoption of this fundamental reform of democracy over the journey to authoritarianism.


Lubos Motl summed up global warming in three words - "Politically motivated pseudoscience".

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