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A cunning plan to cure the prison place shortage and keep the greens happy.

How would you solve the prison crisis? - Telegraph

I think I have the answer, one that will make everyone from the greens to the die hard Tories happy:

Heathrow Terminal Fiveguide: Overview

The giant terminal has taken six years to build at a cost of £4.3bn.

It consists of a main terminal building and two smaller satellites (B and C), the second of which is due to open in 2010.

The terminal has been designed by architects Richard Rogers Partnership

As anyone who has travelled through Heathrow knows it is akin to being banged up without the option. Lets cut out the middleman and lock up all those fat sweaty passengers in their lurid tracksuits and stolen trainers. The terminal has got the fingerprint scanners, the tannoy system and the happy smiling security guards already; the food might need upgrading to prevent the inmates rioting and those do-gooders at Amnesty International might complain that subjecting anyone to more than twenty minutes of an airport terminal should be filed under cruel and unusual punishment but so what?

I commend the idea to the house.


No prison is complete without a Death-Row -- so which Airline has the worst record and which destination has the worst weather? Fly Southwest to Hamburg?

I prefer the execute all caregory A & B prisoners. It will free up lots of space and should dissuade some criminal elements from their chosen career path. Every time the prisons are full repeat the exercise. Eventually people will get the drift that crime has no future.

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