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Pure Danger

Blognor Regis: Heroin warnings after 11 deaths

A rise in drug-related deaths in Brighton this year has led police to warn users about heroin purity.

Yep, the war on drugs is working so well that the price has dropped so much it isn't been cut with so much crap and users aren't expecting it to be so pure. Of course if it was legalised then none of these deaths would have occurred as the strength would be advertised on the outside of the packet....


Theodore Dalrymple makes a cogent rebuttal of the case for drug legalisation and the utopia that would result in this posting:


Don't know why we bother about drugs overdose deaths. Surely the more idiots that OD and edit themselves out of the human race, the smaller the market for hard drugs, the bigger the oversupply, the more the price drops etc. Dead users can't provide the dealers with a living. Dead users don't commit crimes to support their habit. A free market solution to drugs driven Crime.

Simple, if somewhat brutal.

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