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£700 an hour, for every hour she was married

Heather Mills launches astonishing court rant after winning £24.3m divorce payout.:

And in other news Kim Du Toit launches an attack on women who sleep with men for money...


£700 an hour? That's not far short of what Eliot Spritzer paid Ms Dupre and her colleagues. More actually since I guess Heather didn't spend every hour of their marriage in Macca's company.

Now what rude names were they calling Ms Dupre?

It's a long time since I've read an article so hopelessly, fundamentally wrong from the first word as that one by Kim Du Toit. It's another one of those moments when I wonder how the heck people end up thinking the way they do.

I don't like Heather Mills.

Getting paid £700 per hour for spending all that time with the loathsome Macca seems cheap at the price. I don't like Heather either. They deserved each other.

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