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If I told you you had a beautiful body...

The 100 most beautiful cars: 20-1 - Telegraph

We reveal the most beautiful cars as chosen by readers of The Daily Telegraph


That's my favourite - or at least the best car I have ever owned (and yes it is me driving it). I should never have sold it...

1988 6.0l V12Jaguar XJR-S
After winning the 1984 European Touring Car Championship at the wheel of an XJ-S, Tom Walkinshaw of TWR was commissioned to give the road-going XJR a performance makeover. In 1988 the factory made an official model incorporating Walkinshaw's enhancements. His company JaguarSport (or TWR), was already producing body and suspension kits for the XJ-S which were available for separate order.

Each car left the TWR factory as individually built cars. Options such as the body kit, quick-shift gearbox, ventilated discs and four-pot brake calipers along with stiffer suspension, lowered ride height, re-calibrated power steering and a momo steering wheel were available.

Both a 5.3 liter and 6.0 liter engine were available in the car. Since the engines look almost identical, its hard to differentiate between the two. In either case a genuine TWR car is hard to come by, as in three years of production a little over 600 cars were manufactured.

And the rear view, which is all most people saw of it was pretty good as well..



A fantastic car..everybody should own a Jaguar at some time..I've a series 1 e-type coupe mouldering away in the garage...I swear I'll get around to fixing it!

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