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Come friendly bombs

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...a far more interesting story, largely ignored by the Westminster pack,..

There was much jubilation in the Slough Labour Party after an election court disqualified a local Conservative councillor, Eshaq Khan, for corrupt and fraudulent election practices.

Mr Khan was found to have secured his election last May by registering at various properties around his ward more than a hundred “ghost” voters – people who didn’t exist or weren’t entitled to be on the voting register - and who then, of course, voted for him.

I wonder if the right-wing blogosphere will be covering this story tomorrow..

Answers on a postcard..
The right wing blogosphere will be discussing this and the angle they will take is...thanks to labour, postal voting fraud is common and not just from labour councillors but even the Tories are tainted with this..er labour policy of postal voting... did i mention it was LABOUR that introduced postal voting? did i? well in case you missed it... its labour fault for introducing postal voting.

Quote of the week: (thus far)

"To ignore the possibility that it is widespread, particularly in local elections, is a policy that an ostrich would despise."
judge R.Mawry.

I wouldn't want to disappoint by not commenting, but I know little about postal voting fraud except that this seems to be the first time recently that the BBC has got all excited about it, whether that is because the crooks are Tories or that it is only a short commute from London I will leave up to you to guess.

As the Fulham Reactionary says:...there are those who might attempt to use this kind of case to "smear an entire community". That would of course be very wrong: although the alleged perpetrator is a Tory, I am assured that the vast majority of moderate Tories are entirely supportive of democracy. And, while it is true that a tiny minority of alleged extremist Tories (Abdul Razaq, Raja Akhtar, and Mohammed Khaliq in Peterborough; Haroon Rashid, Jamshed Khan, and Reis Khan in Bradford; Iftikhar Hussain in Birmingham) are currently undergoing trial for vote-rigging, there have also been Labour activists (Muhammad Afzal, Mohammed Islam, and Mohammed Kazi in Birmingham; Muhammed Hussain in Blackburn) who have been either convicted of electoral fraud, or found to have engaged in it by an election commissioner, besides the former Labour mayor of Peterborough, Mohammed Choudhary, who is currently on trial for vote-rigging, alongside Tariq Mahmood and Maqbool Hussain. And Lib Dems have also been caught participating in some dubious electoral practices: in 2006, Burnley councillors Manzur Hussain and Mozaquir Ali were jailed for their part in a 2004 vote-rigging conspiracy, while last May Birmingham Lib Dem activists Zaker Choudhry and Mohammed Saeed were arrested over accusations of electoral impropriety. I think that it should therefore be abundantly evident to all but the most hardened and intolerant Toryphobe, that there are individuals within all political parties who show insufficient respect to democracy, and that to suggest that any one group was more likely than others to engage in vote-rigging would be the height of bigotry. So there!


Tim, no doubt there will be those who scream RACIST at me if I point out that not many of the names you list from ALL parties seem to have much western tradition behind them ?

Perhaps this is what we must expect from multi-culturalism, the traditional practices of those from other cultures should be welcomed as a wonderful enrichment of our hide-bound and old-fashioned democratic processes ?

Alan Douglas

I seem to recall that members of a certain community, in London, chased an MP of another community, but one who was their biggest apologist and who liked pretending to be a cat, because they believed for religious reasons democracy was wrong.

Not that I would criticise a religion though, that might be illegal now. All other people enrich us with their diversity and vibrancy.

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