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When Churchill met Elvis

Winston Churchill was first to walk on the Moon, say children - Times Online

Winston Churchill: leader, victor, and, according to a third of schoolchildren, astronaut. The most celebrated British Prime Minister of the 20th century was the first man to walk on the Moon, one in three young people told a survey.

The black hole in their knowledge was revealed after an online poll asked 1,400 children, aged from 6 to 14, some basic astronomical questions.

Not only did a significant number confuse Neil Armstrong with the statesman who led the Allies to victory, it also revealed that 72 per cent were unable to identify the Moon in a series of pictures.

Makes you proud of the system eh? Though of course some might wonder about The Times implying that Churchill was Supreme Allied Commander.


And some snuffpot in comments gave away the secret of the artificial moon! Shame!

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