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This climate change is beyond a joke.

Snow and Storms at Easter in Europe.

I don't care if the colonials and Texans are frore, that the Balkans are blanketed and the Siamese shivering, this bloody cold snap here is serious, a crisis. Send help! The Blackthorn was lured into flower by the empty promises of globular warming and a balmy zephyr and now the buds are being frozen. No blackthorn flowers, no fruit, no sloes, no sloe gin - now if that isn't a crisis I don't know what is, and what is the Government doing about it? Trying to drop the temperature even more, bastards.


Good for my damsons though!

Bloody hell. No Sloe Gin? That really is a low blow. Last time I was in the UK I realised I'd forgotten just how delicious it is. I must have had half the bottle.

In all likelihood it'll be moot in a few years. Our Lords and Masters in Brussels will probably promulgate some Jacobin edict that will get turned into a 300-page 'Hedgerow and Field Biodiversity Maintenance Act' which will make picking blackberries or going mushrooming a criminal offence.

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