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An eye for the Ladies

C’est chic: Nicolas Sarkozy's 'babes’ sashay into town - Times Online
Haute couture meets high politics. The French president’s state visit to London will seem like a fashion parade as Nicolas Sarkozy breezes into town this week with his glamorous wife and a cluster of female ministers who have brought their chic wardrobe into the cabinet.

The female contingent in the cabinet was built up by Sarkozy in the interests of sexual equality and appears to follow him virtually everywhere since his election last May.

It includes Rama Yade, the secretary of state for human rights, who at 31 is the youngest member of the “rainbow government” team and is known for her model good looks; Rachida Dati, the 42-year-old justice minister, who has raised eyebrows by posing in designer outfits in her office for glossy magazines; Christine Lagarde, the elegant, 52-year-old minister of finance; and Michèle Alliot-Marie, 61, the interior minister, of whom the previous president, Jacques Chirac, once said: “She has the best legs in the party”.

How can Britain possibly compete with that?

Well we have Jacqui Smith, Margaret Beckett, Ruth Kelly and dear little Hazel - Gordon doesn't seem to have much of an eye for the Ladies, poor Sarah has probably trashed the wardrobes as she contemplates posing beside Carla Bruni. I was going to publish comparative photos but it was a bit unfair on the eyeballs early on a holiday Sunday....


You are barking up the wrong tree here, Englishman. Labour is the party of losers and uglies. They would regard all of the above as praise.

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