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MPs - get a job and a life.

Too many laws -Times Online

Sir, Peter Riddell (Comment, Mar 21) is spot on: we are now grossly over governed and over legislated. Years ago I heard Harold Macmillan speaking about his early days as an MP. The House of Commons sat for about three 8-to-10-week terms in the year; MPs passed a few laws and then went off and managed estates, operations, businesses or professions. The Civil Service ran the country.

How many of today’s professional politicians have any experience of managing anything? They sit for so long that they feel they must justify their existence by passing more and more laws. Then they spend millions on consultants to advise them what to tell the experts to do in all the professions and in industry. What a waste.

Norman Hampel

Quite - cut their wages and allowances and make them work for a living and then they might be a little less keen on buggering up everyone else's.


Add to the mix the fact that over four-fifths of our legislation comes from the EU, and is passed with little or no debate, so that our highly paid MPs and MSPs are left with nothing to do but micro-manage our lives.

Hang them. Hang them all, and hang them high.

Millions better spent analysing which laws and regulations to dismantle, which taxes and fees to repeal, and which scumbuckets to kick-off the Dole. Now that would be the CHANGE we're looking for.

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