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Biofuel fight

Biofuels will speed climate change, chief scientist says - The Scotsman

FARMERS in Scotland last night criticised a warning from the UK's chief environmental scientist , Professor Robert Watson, that an increased reliance on biofuels could send greenhouse gas emissions soaring.....

Dr Richard Tipper, technical director of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, said although there could be some truth in Prof Watson's comments, he felt biofuels should be pursued, with any issues dealt with as and when they arose.

"If we try to stop the whole thing in its tracks, the companies will go out of business," ....

Oxfam, RSPB, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and others told Ruth Kelly, the Transport Secretary, there was "a very real risk that the RTFO will make climate change worse, not better".

Doug Parr, chief scientific adviser of Greenpeace, said:

"For one of the government's top scientists to describe these plans as potentially insane suggests that something has gone seriously wrong here."

Sod what it might do the environment just enjoy the "black gold" rush that us farmers are enjoying...

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