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Teachers - yes to imams, no to infantry.

BBC NEWS | Education | Pupils 'lured' into armed forces

Teachers are accusing the Ministry of Defence of using "sophisticated" methods to lure youngsters, often in deprived areas, into the armed forces.

National Union of Teachers delegates in Manchester will debate a motion later calling for an end to "recruitment" in schools in England and Wales.

BBC NEWS | Education | Call to offer faith class choice
Head teachers should allow imams, rabbis and priests to offer religious instruction to pupils in all state schools, teachers' leaders have said.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) said the move would be a way to reunite divided communities.

ArchBish Cranmer reports When the BBC first reported this story, they headlined it ‘Schools could offer Koran classes’ in order to ruffle a few feathers. Later on in the day, the headline was changed to ‘Call to offer faith class choice’, though it is still possible to search for it under the original provocative headline.


Why don't we send the kids along with all the religious leaders on military training? It would stop them from irritating everyone, if only for a short while.

So, what if a kid wants to worship Mars...and warfare? Does he get a choice between an Imam well versed in self-detonation, or an Army officer versed in preforming small caliber "impact drills" from a safe distance? :-) Which is the Human Torpedo?

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