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The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy

March of the zealots

Every age has its dominant caste. This is the age of the zealot. Twenty years ago they were dismissed as cranks and fanatics, but now they are licensed to interfere in the every day lives of ordinary people to an unprecedented degree. When Bernard Levin first identified the new phenomenon of the SIFs (Single Issue Fanatics) many of us thought it was a bit of a joke or at most an annoyance. Now the joke is on us. In that short time they have progressed from being an ignorable nuisance to what is effectively a branch of government. They initiate legislation and prescribe taxation. They form a large and amorphous collection of groups of overlapping membership, united and defined by the objects of their hatred (industry, tobacco, alcohol, adiposity, carbon, meat, salt, chemicals in general, radio waves, field sports etc.) Their success in such a short time has been one of the most remarkable phenomena in the whole of human history......

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Quite superb.

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There is only one straightforward, decent thing for any politician to say:

"It is my job to maintain an environment in which you have access to reasonably priced, wholesome, safe food. It is your job to eat it sensibly and in moderation. If you can't get that right, don't come crying to government."

Too many of our twittering fanatics can't bear to take their eyes off another man's plate. They should be ashamed of that, so to cover their sorry arses they have invented the canard of 3rd party harm. That way they get to pretend that they are being damaged by the salt on someone elses dinner. They need to be victim and tyrant, both at the same time. These folk are deeply psychotic, we shouldn't even be giving them air-time.

Deeply, truly, scary.

I feel rather chuffed that the great Prof. Brignell used a quote what I wrote (on Samizdata). Suddenly all the hours toiling as one of the internet's commentariat seem vindicated :)

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