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But would Douglas Bader have worn one?

RAF bikini ready for take-off - Telegraph

The Royal Air Force is celebrating its 90th anniversary with the launch of a "show-stopping" diamante-encrusted bikini..
The RAF Collection website, which sells the bikini online, describes it as a "show-stopping bikini (which) will make anyone's head turn, yet which is distinctly tasteful and flattering to the figure". The garment is also available through mail order.

The RAF advanced into new territory with the launch of a new leisurewear fashion range a year ago, when another bikini, decorated with a pink and blue version of the RAF roundel, was launched.

I've always said there is something a little odd about the crabs...


Apparently the Admiralty will launch a range of bondage gear because the Royal Navy spends most of its time tied up in harbour.

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