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I'm on the change

Apologies if I sound a little skittish this morning, but after my shower last night I think I'm on the change. Forty years ago Matron at school plastered my hair down with a parting on the right, instilling in me a distrust of men who part their hair on the left, girly side. In the pub last night it was commented how much better my hair looked. The bloody parting had swapped sides when I was washing it, it is immovably on the left; how did that happen? If Matron was wrong about hair partings what else was she wrong about? The French and their revolting habits? Catholics? That thing that Simpkins used to do after lights out? My life is in turmoil.

I suppose as a sceptic I should embrace the chance to review long held notions but some beliefs are too deeply engrained in my ethos for me to want to change them, especially about the French and that thing Simpkins used to do.

UPDATE - thanks to the comment below:

BBC NEWS | Politics | Hair buzz as Cameron moves left
Tory leader David Cameron's decision to part his hair on the left has sparked a buzz of speculation from commentators.....
The Sun reports it shows Mr Cameron was not afraid of change while the Daily Mirror reports that it could be an attempt to look more "butch", as a right parting is sometimes seen as feminine.
But hairdresser Roger Craig told BBC Radio 4's Today programme it could be more of a "metrosexual" statement.
"I have always kept mine on the right and was always led to believe that real men put their partings on the right hand side," he said.


You surprise me. Maybe you have a double crown. I thought men generally tended to a left hand side parting in any event. If you are right handed it makes it easier.

Cameron changed his: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/6453165.stm

catholics...easy now..you left hand parting fop!

It's the start of his comb-over. All he's trying to do is cover the hair recession (he is over 40 you know) and, at the same time, imply that he's a Bobby Charlton fan.

Lucky sod to have some hair to part. I'm like Rudy Giuliani, of whom it was said that 'he lives in New York but parts his hair in Ohio'.

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