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School news roundup

'Keep pupils in to stop them eating junk food' - Telegraph

Children should be banned from leaving school at lunchtime so they cannot gorge themselves on junk food, a Government body says today.

Teachers to get search powers - Telegraph
Teachers should be able to search pupils for alcohol, drugs and stolen goods, Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, said yesterday.

At the moment staff must call in the police to carry out a search if they suspect pupils of carrying drink or drugs. Only if they believe the child is in possession of a gun or knife can they carry out a search themselves.

From The Barrel of a Gun - Hey, Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone! It's not just teachers that need to leave them alone, so do these assholes. Every ounce of freedom has already been sucked out of schools themselves, but still those pesky kids won't just sit down and do as their told like good little zombies. No, what needs to be done is to extend the rules of the womb-prison indoctrination camps out to cover areas beyond its own boundaries.

Sometimes I think the answer may lie elsewhere:

Houston Chronicle
A middle school principal threatened to kill a group of science teachers if their students did not improve their standardized test scores, according to a complaint filed with the New Braunfels Police Department.

Now that is the way to treat the piss-poor whining underperforming jokes who infest the staff room.



Firstly, it is illegal, under the current law, to stop a child leaving the premises, or indeed making them stay anywhere by force (working on the obvious premise that they won't stop simply because a law change happens). It's false imprisonment.

Secondly, no teacher will search children, it is a one-stop flight to an accusation of molestation.

Children at my school were searched on numerous occasions. Neither were you allowed to leave the site. Obviously teachers didn't go and rugby tackle every student they caught sneaking off, but some sort of action would be taken after the fact. Of course, the only people got caught were the idiots who couldn't sneak out of a morgue unnoticed...

I'm not sure about not being able to keep children anywhere by force though. I've seen children picked up by police and brought to school for playing truant?

Confucius he say: the Principal who threatens his science teachers had better hire a good food-taster.

Ed "so what" Balls is a new labour fuckin' idiot. Methinks that kids will say "oh don't touch me there" and various other things. Of couse the lawyers will love it. Is Mr Balls a lawyer by any chance?

Here is an example of Ed Balls arrogance

In David Cameron's Budget reply, he said (I paraphrase):
"Under Labour, Britain is more taxed than at any point in its history".

On the front bench, Ed Balls - The Man Who Would Be King (part II) heckled:
"So what?'

This astounding statement was met with hoots of shock and disdain from the Tory benches and surprised Cameron sufficiently for him to come back: "So what, says the minister for children. I know he wants to be Chancellor so badly it hurts. I have to tell him another Budget like the one we have just heard and he won't have to wait very long."

So there you have it, ladies and gentleman. Taxed up to the eyeballs? Labour says "So what."

re you an NHS nurse who now pays 20% instead of 10%? Labour says "So what". (Brown sneered without reply when Cameron raised the tax con abolition of the 10p rate).

Are you fed up with stealth taxes and council tax rises because the government won't fund your town, just as it won't fund Corby? Labour says "So what."

Are you one of the thousands of girls forced into a marriage that Labour won't stop because it cosies up to 'community leaders'? Labour says "So what".

Are you a small business trying to create jobs hit with a swingeing tax rise? Labour says "So what."

Brown treated the people "like fools" . Now Balls treats them with utter contempt from the front bench. Call an election Gordon. We'll show you, and Ed Balls, 'so what'.

What needs to be done, as far as unruly schoolkids go, is for PEOPLE IN RESPONSIBLE POSITIONS to start acting responsibly, i.e. set an example that kids can follow! Look at Ed Balls behaviour. What about the supposedly unbiased speaker of the house of commons behaviour? What about football players behaviour? What about all the smut on tv?
Of course, to achieve this we need to eradicate political correctness. This the evil doctrine that is ruining our society.

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