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The Froggie went a'Toadying

President Sarkozy embarrasses Gordon Brown over EU treaty - Times Online

President Sarkozy of France embarrassed Gordon Brown yesterday, heaping praise on his “courage and loyalty” for ratifying the EU treaty without a referendum.

The president said that every other European leader was grateful to Mr Brown for not blocking the replacement to the EU constitution....

“It is not simply a matter of a one-night stand. I believe that we can go in to next-day breakfast as well,” Mr Sarkozy said at a joint press conference with Mr Brown.....

A Le Monde columnist called this “a shameless exercise in toadying intended to win, at whatever cost, the approval of his audience”.

Is it all over yet, can we take down the bunting and stop lusting over Carla? If it hadn't been for her long legs Gordon would have been in grave danger that we actually noticed what a little eurocreep he is.


Courage? What courage? If he had courage, he would have gone to the British public and asked them to support it.

Honestly, who writes this stuff?

Nevertheless she's a babe. I don't know of any English politicians with beaulicious wife like her. But then again, why should I.

Why is our prime minister more afraid of annoying a French president than of annoying the electorate who pay his salary?

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