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Darling, you are barred from The King's Arms, All Cannings

The signs are up on the approach. Hey Darling, you sure got a purty mouth! Can you squeal like a piggy?

Inside the free cheese and biscuits were being served alongside copious quantities of IPA at two guineas, two crowns and a florin a pint, not that I'm harping back to a happier age....



Darlink vos only obeying orders.

Does Alastair Darling look the sort of person to buy more than a glass of water and a bag of salt & vinegar crisps in a pub anyway? Unless someone else is paying. I'm sure he'd prefer to sit al fresco away from hoi polloi.

They need to extend this to the entire cabinet, and preferably all Labour MPs as well. In fact, all MPs. And newspaper editors and journalists who participate in the "binge drinking" moral panic (virtually all of them, then). And...

Why just Alistair Darling? If every pub barring Darling had posters barring local Labour politucians as well it would certainly put the pressure on Darling from them as they get criticised locally for supporting this.

Believe me. There's one thing that will make politicians put pressure on their bosses. It's local criticism of themselves and the threat of losing their seats.

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