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Tips on Home Entertaining - an occasional series

Before your guests arrive ensure your dining room furniture is looking its best. Now might be the time to glue back on those loose acanthus carvings. Remember for antique furniture you must use traditional Pearl Glue

So what's so special about pearl glue, or hide glue or animal glue, for all these are common names for this type of glue?

This glue is almost the oldest glue known to man. It's made, as the name suggests, from bits and bobs of animals boiled down to a dark brown sticky substance and sticky it is...

So heat it up on the stove and get sticking.

Trying to explain why your house now smells of boiled up dead animals, a lingering stench that no amount of air freshening will get rid of, will provide you with hours of amusement as you cower from the wrath of your spouse.....


It's what we used in woodworking class at school. Your remarks bring the smell back to me after, bloody hell, nearly fifty years.

I used to pass the Maloney Glue Factory, in Gillingham Dorset, on the way to school. If you think the finished products smells awful it is only that you never smelt the making of the stuff and the storing of the raw materials..... Just a few yards away was the Oake Woods bacon factory where the hellish squeals of pigs added to the fun.

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