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Murder she wrote

Murders in London mapped after latest death - Telegraph

What a piss poor map!

All they have done is stick pins in the map to show where the boroughs are, what they need is a map which shows density of murders byt different size circles, numbers of corpses or what ever. The information is all there waiting for someone to produce it...

As The Telegraph notes:..statistics compiled by the Metropolitan Police Service revealed that more than half of murder victims in the capital last year were from ethnic minority groups....The murder rates, when mapped out, reveal that a large number of homicides take place in socially deprived neighbourhoods.

The middle-class enclaves of Harrow, Richmond, Merton, and Kensington and Chelsea, did not witness any murders last year.

Baltimore can do it -
why can't we?

UPDATE: Very clever reader Tim A has done so and you can Download the kml file here.



Why? Because to do so would be far too dangerous. Simply noting that ethnic minority groups are by far the most violent is pushing the pc boundaries to a daring degree. To draw a picture would be way too risky. The handwringers and tofu knitters would have a field day.

A more honest approach would not only note the density of muders, but wuld differentiate between domestic murders (hubby stabs wife or wife bashed hubby over head) which are typically one offs, and the more institutionalised forms of murder such as gang related killings and so on. But then that would blow the whole multi-culti charade to peices.

Is there a dataset with, say, postal districts or roads? I may be able to help...

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