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As we are seen from Sofia

Bulgaria News - The Sofia Echo - THE ENGLISH ANGLE: Mandela mania

Breaking news: the Spice Girls will be appearing as guest singers at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday celebrations in London. Wow, what an honour! The politically correct British thought police need not worry; I come to praise Mandela, not to bury him....
What irks me, however, is the almost blind de rigeur adoration of this man whose statue now stands in London’s Parliament Square. Even Conservative leader David Cameron has stated that his party’s historic definition of Mandela as a “terrorist” was mistaken. Now everyone who is anyone, and even anyone who is no one, makes the obligatory genuflection to Mandela. Pop stars who probably couldn’t place South Africa on the map, Hollywood stars like Charlize Theron – who (coincidentally) left the country of her birth in the early 1990s around the time that white rule was ending – as well as American presidents and an assortment of British dignitaries brainwashed into believing that Mandela is a paragon of virtue. The British masses, people whose ignorance on South Africa is often mind-boggling, also lend unquestioning support. I remember one person saying to me in all seriousness: “Prison really works. Look at Mandela. He did bad fings (sic), served his time and then went on to become president. He really reformed.”

The liberal intelligentsia appear to believe that Mandela was clearly infallible. Yet history tells us a different story....

I’m not saying that Mandela is a bad man, merely that he is a mere mortal – a normal politician acting according to realpolitik – who should be treated as such. So why the deification? Is it that Britain, as a former imperialist power, feels guilty about its colonial role in South Africa? To assuage their guilt London is now landed with a permanent memorial to Mandela the Machiavellian. Ironically, his statue is near that of Winston Churchill, a truly great British leader. It’s just another example of the madness of modern Britain.


I'll agree that the deification of Mandela is over the top and I can't for the life of me work out why every two-bit jongleur and travelling minstrel seems to have some sort of automatic right to be photographed with the guy. But that being said, having lived through the transition this country went through in the early nineties Nelson does deserve some credit for the peaceful way things went. There were times when things could have gone pear shaped.

Of course this doesn't excuse the less successful policies and lack of progress made by his and subsequent governments on more mundane issues: spiralling crime, failure to deliver on promises, failure to stamp on corruption so that it is now institutionalised, the destruction of the state education system, etc etc etc.

He was terrorist and as such deserves no praise..people died because of him and his fellow communist dupes.

It amazes me even now when I tell people, of all ages, about his past they do not accept it at first. They all have to go off and check. To prove me wrong of course.

We just don't seem to have any recollection of anything more than a few weeks old. It is frustrating.

I agree with "thud", Mandela was a terrorist who killed his own people as well. There should NOT be a statue of him in this Country.

Next up: a statue of Yasser Arafat, Saviour of HIS country.

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