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Carry On Sausage

Daily sausage is bowel cancer risk - Telegraph

No - I'm not even going there... My friend Mr FM has texted me that he is still in San Francisco, though without revealing if he still has flowers in his hair, so I will leave those jokes to him.


It now seems that succumbing to HIV/AIDS is the almost the only politically acceptable way to shuffle off the mortal coil. Everything else is one's fault and one deserves it because one ignored the health fascists' diktats and didn't change one's lifestyle. One other politically correct way to go is being blown up by a mine in an inadequately armoured vehicle. Dulce et decorum est in Pinzgauer-WIMIKque mori.

Eating one sausage or three rashers of bacon a day can increase the risk of bowel cancer by a fifth, a medical expert has said.
You mean a relative risk of 1.2, Mr Fancy-Pants "medical expert"? Do us all a favour and boil your bloody head. Reputable medical journals won't even accept papers with an RR less than two or three.

It reminds me of this delightful piece in the Daily Mash.

Ye kin tek oor lives, but ye'll never tek oor bangers!

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