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Swiss Climate Statistical Goldmine Shows No 21st Century Warming

Some April Fool’s jokes are becoming a reality - Times Online

...the joke is that the winters in Switzerland are growing milder. Trees, flowers and grasses are blooming earlier than normal, with cherry blossom out 20 days earlier than usual.

Never one to miss an opportunity for some Climate Alamism - I presume Paul Simons got his information from here:

MeteoSchweiz - Phänologische Beobachtungen seit 1808 (Mr Google will happily translate if your skills in German are as rusty as Mr Mosley's).

But the graph needs no translation:


Which way do you think the trend has been going for the last few years?

Of course the admirable Swiss in their efficiency have a whole website crammed with facts and figures on the climate, most of it in english.

MeteoSwiss - Climate

Go and have a dig around - here's the headline graph


The annual variation of temperature in Switzerland from the longtime average (1961-1990 standard) as an impressive example of climate change. The years when it was too hot are shown in red and those when it was too cold in blue. The linear temperature trend between 1864 and 2004 is +1.1 degrees Celsius per 100 years, so the entire warming 1864-2005 amounts to +1.5 degrees Celsius. The linear temperature trend for the 20th century (1901-2000) is +1.4 degrees Celsius per 100 years, and this corresponds to the entire warming of the 20th century.

I'm not sure how surprised I should be that the years 1901-2000 correspond to the twentieth century, but I think it is hard to say that the 21st Century has shown much warming....


The trick as usual is to use anomalies against 1961-90, the coldest period of the 20th C. It's a guaranteed winner every time.

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