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I have that Warm Touched feeling

How an app called WarmTouch nailed a grenade-stockpiling cyber extortionist | The Register

By applying an algorithm that analyzes the word choice and other characteristics of his writing, the program helped analyst Eric Shaw develop a hypothesis that the suspect was a technically adept man older than 30 who had trouble fitting in at work and in social situations. Building off those findings, Shaw later surmised that he might also own a stockpile of weapons.

WarmTouch uses a scoring system to guess at a suspect's psychological characteristics. An overuse of the word "me," for instance, might suggest an exaggerated sense of passivity, an indication the person may feel like a victim. The program can sniff out other clues about the individual, such as whether he is more of a loner (as evidenced by frequent use of the word "I") or more of a team player (indicated by using "we" instead). The program also pays close attention to rhetorical questions, which are said to be a strong indicator of anger.

Just don't run this blog through the app please otherwise what might I be banged up for? (Rhetorical question only please note.)


as evidenced by frequent use of the word "I"

But what about the loons who use the regal "we" a bit more frequently than most? I'm not mentioning names or admitting anything, btw.

What is really scary is that this sort of pseudo-science, based on one man's version of pop-psychology, is just the sort of thing NuLabour ministers love.

A well! Let them jail all us "right thinking" bloggers. We'd probably have the entire prison system sorted within a month.

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