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Question 22. Are you a Luvvie, Lover or a Love?

Arts funding row over sex orientation demands - Times Online

Under new Arts Council requirements organisations applying for grants are being asked to state how many board members are bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual, lesbian or whose inclinations are “not known”.

Audrey Roy, the director of grants, said that the council needed to understand who its audience was and to whom its funding was going. “We see diversity as broader than race, ethnicity, faith and disability,” she said. Question 22 of the Grants for the Arts forms, relating to sexual orientation, was not compulsory, she added, although the form states that it must be answered.

The application form notes that the question is for government purposes only and will not enter into the grant decision, but that claim was contradicted by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Its spokesman said: “We appreciate that, as a responsible public body they need to monitor their overall grant-making programmes. But it is absolutely not the case that sexual orientation monitoring is a government requirement.”

But now that we have been given the idea, it soon will be....


Question 22 "was not compulsory, she added, although the form states that it must be answered"

Well that clears that one up then!

Only a monosexual* could come up with such questions.

*A wanker

Erm, isn't it illegal to ask employees that type of question?

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