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Teachers don't want independent school governors, wonder why.

Paid workers may replace school volunteers - Telegraph

Thousands of volunteers running state schools may be replaced by paid professionals, under proposals being considered in a Government review.

The move to replace the traditional school governors, who are all volunteers, with salaried workers, is aimed at boosting education standards.

It comes amid growing fears that the existing system of running schools is no longer "fit for purpose".

More than 300,000 volunteers are currently responsible for primary, secondary and special schools in England and Wales, but critics claim many are not cut out for the increasingly complex role.

Last week, the NASUWT teachers' union said that "massive investment of public money should not be in the hands of untrained volunteers, however well-meaning".

Volunteer governors, I mean they actually work for the benefit of the children for free with out going out on strike if they are asked to use a stapler or miss their afternoon nap. What we need is more people like us, more NuLabour union stooges who understand schools are there to provide employment for teachers and not awkward parents who wonder why their kids aren't being given the education they pay for. Look what a success the LEAs and teacher unions have made of schools, give us complete power and the tractor production will soar....


Fair point. If people care enough about education to volunteer and are given appropriate training, what's wrong with that?

How can one tell the difference if an administrator or teacher is merely in deep thought, in deep caring thought or simply asleep upright?

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